Lord’s Cove, Newfoundland A COMMUNITY NOT TO MISS ON THE HERITAGE RUN! Burin Peninsula


A simple guide. Map to follow.

When you come into Lord’s Cove on the Burin Peninsula, the main road is the highway.  Looking to your right is Grandfather’s hill where I played as a child.

I suggest you drive straight up over the hill.  You will see the Nan and Pop’s Shop-The Pantry on your left.  You can find a fabulous menu of home cooked breakfast, lunch or dinner on their menu. They offer a small store and gift items.  The staff are super friendly and will tell you a few tales while you wait.

nan and pop

After your belly is full, you are ready to get back behind the wheel. Continue up the same road and take a left down toward the sea (Loop Road). Here you capture a fabulous view of the red roofed church –St Elizabeth’s Catholic Church, the iconic green house and the graveyard out on the point.

LC green house

Pull in past the church and drive out to the graveyard.  If you are lucky, your cell phone service might pick up. The views are outstanding and the roar of the crashing waves  is second to none.  It is one of my favorite spots- it is water therapy. If you read my Tidal Wave story, you can go in and pay your respects to Sarah Rennie and her children.

LC waves

Coming out the road, you should notice a bench and story boards that tell you all about the bird estuary nearby. Keep your eyes open for the Manx Shearwater.

When you get back on the road, turn right.  Pull in to the wharf.  That is where you will find the Wave Energy Research Centre (WERC)-they combined the geography of the area with technological study in wave research. You can see how energy is harnessed from the waves to use water recycled from the tanks and how waste feeds other species.

lc werc sign

They are open for tours of their wave testing facility, on land aquaculture tanks, remote operated vehicles and so much more. Drop in and visit Nelson Martin.  He might let you handle the sea creatures in the touch tank. Students are there from several areas of study ready to answer your questions.  This is great for children and adults. A few pics on the wharf would be great too. Once you are finished visiting the Ghost Lobster, hop in the car and drive around the cove. Just follow your instincts and take a look.  You can park by the beach and have a little walk, maybe collect a few shells.


You want to get back up to the Back Road now so take one of the small lanes up to the top road.  You are going right for a drive 6 km down the old dirt road for beach therapy. The road is in fine shape and my Ford Escape don’t mind it at all.  Beware, there is a cattle crossing bridge to rumble over and a few cows wondering around but they are friendly. It will all be worth it.  You’ll pass Pump Cove on your way and a few small cabins.

Soon you will catch sight of a golden beach, and blue waters between a couple of craggy hills.  Take off your shoes and meander across the beach, down to the salty sea.

Relax-Unwind-Get into a Beach state of mind!

sandy cove

All photos from Margaret Mary Martin.


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  1. Elaine Beck says:

    Love your stories, keep them coming.

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  2. Harold Matthews says:

    Stopped in last summer had a beautiful day.


  3. Lillian Hodge Hillier says:

    Beautifully written 👍 Love ur writing 👍


  4. Tracey says:

    Oh LuLu love your stories, keep them coming


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      Thanks for your vote of confidence. I am getting a lot of hits. LOL


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